High-quality drip lines

In order to meet the irrigation needs of different crops the smallest detail has been taken into account in the manufacture of our drip lines.

They are easy to install on all types of terrain.
Eccellenti anche per la sub-irrigazione, per le coltivazioni in serra e fuori suolo, e per il giardinaggio.

They are also excellent for sub-irrigation, greenhouse and soilless crops, as well as gardening. Being resistant to UV rays and the chemical products used in agriculture, our production line ensures long-lasting durability and uniformity of water distribution.

“All aster products are made of 100% virgin raw materials”

A 100% virgin product is uniform. What are its advantages?

It has greater elasticity.
Preventing breakage when drip lines are removed from the soil at the end of the season.

It is more resistant.

It withstands higher pressures compared to other equally thick products.

It lasts longer.
Allowing drip lines to “live” as long as the crops for which they are installed and even outlast them.

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